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Get the most from your GPS system!



GPS Installations

Controlled Outcomes provides not just Certified Installation Services and Support! We offer industry first GPS Telematic Control of critical vehicle systems like door locks and vehicle starting. Monitor your taxi or limo drivers pick up and drop off points in real time or even pre-heat your rental cars for the easiest customer experience!

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This full screen display dash cam meets the needs of not only business owners and insurance companies but also the driver.

Our camera system adds the convenience of a car rear view mirror to any vehicle, tractor, skid steer, you name it!

Our Dash Cam streams from a front facing camera and a rear (or interior) facing camera.

Both front and rear cameras record at the same time and videos are saved in a removealable hard drive for late viewing.
Vehicle Occupation System
Stop loosing money to cash ride theft!

Get real time information on vehicle occupancy.

Monitor up to 4 individual seating positions or mark vehicle interior "in use" "available" automatically.
Phone Keyless Entry / Start Systems
Lock , Unlock, and Start your vehicle, fleet truck, or even a generator from your cell phone.

The Controlled Outcomes PKE phone key entry system integrates your vehicle locking system and starting system to your phone no longer needing a key to operate the vehicle.

With the provided pass code, any phone with the app can access the vehicle so no need to have duplicate keys.
GPS Start Interface
Start any vehicle, equipment, or semi with the Controlled Outcomes Remote Start Interface for GPS Telematic devices . Using the existing GPS, the Controlled Outcomes Remote Start Interface enables you to start and stop an engine using your existing GPS.
Interior Lighting
Interior lighting systems bring out your unique style to your vehicles interior as well as provide the mood for your guests.

Controlled Outcomes can design and install a lighting system that accentuates your interior and helps to add to that memorable guest experience.
GPS Door Lock Integration Module
Lock and Unlock Vehicle Doors Via GPS with the Controlled Outcomes Vehciel Door Lock Interface module.

This interface module allows door unlocking and locking with your current GPS log in.
Phone / Video  Support
Stuck finding a 12v ignition? Device flashes but doesnt show up on the computer? Device shows "In Tow" all the time? As these appear to be common complaints, the resolve and cause can be from a variety of troubles. Controlled Outcomes can diagnose and repair all GPS 12v systems.
Camera and Sensor Installation
Controlled Outcomes provides certified installation of back up reverse camera systems as well as dash cams and motion sensors.
Temp Sensor Installation
Refer trailer temps are everything to your bottom line when moving temperature sensitive products. Your gps device can notify you of temperatures of any vehicle compartment. With proper installation you will get measurable, live interior temperatures enabling you to manage your loads at peak effectiveness.
GPS Telematic Installation
GPS Telematic Installation for CalAmp LMU26xx and similar GPS devices. Also called 3 Wire, we not just install but integrate your device into your vehicle for seamless operation.
GPS Semi / Fleet Installation
Wether you have Verizon or Geotab for your ELD / ELog device, we can not only install but service your existing system.

Your plug in system not working? Controlled Outcomes can diagnose and repair those systems as well.
GPS Heavy Equipment Installation
Tractors, jacks, lifts, dozers, ect... Controlled Outcomes installs at your job site any and all 12v / 24V systems on your calendar.
Exterior Lighting
Police, Fire, EMS, Strobes, Flashers and flush mount lights are some of the exterior lighting systems we install. Check with us for our full certified list.
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About Us

Controlled Outcomes is an independent services provider to the automotive low voltage industry starting in 2019. We install to match the factory wiring and condition in efforts to blend the installation in for the perfect factory look and functionality. 

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