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Why it's so hard for you to schedule for your GPS Telematics needs?

Throughout the country I hear constantly that the end user (the purchasers of the gps products from Verizon, fleet complete, Nextraq, etc...) has the hardest time scheduling anything. 45 minutes on hold to get a day that's close enough to gamble anyone showing up on time vs your already slammed schedule to sprinkle that into everything else in your day. Wooph..... Plenty of cases exist where the equipment is not sent but the installer is. Even more hard to believe end users are asked to wait 30 days before an installer is available. Just as you can app a plumber, roofer, electrician or baby sitter, you can have that same fast simplification in your telematics #gps #scheduling.

The answer to this resolve is to use Fourteen Four as we do more than install providing first person service as well as web based scheduling. The present issue is the end user keeps returning to the same problem because he or she was lead to believe "This is the only way".

Sure, you can keep calling and contending with the same jumping department phone calls to get the wrong equipment or the installer doesn't have what he or she needs. (Im sure you get the point).

I share this point of view from being an installer who is the #FIRST human being that you "Physically See" in a process all on the phone and pc up until this point. The only thing you know of this person is from what you were told over the phone / email that they are your installer... Factory trained some may say. Which is hilarious because every part of your telematics device is chinese and I am still awaiting my ticket to go to become a "Factory Trained" or "certified" Installer.

What I can tell you is you have options. In the pdf you received speaking about the device you purchased (Or leased) from xxx carrier likely contains a section for "How To" install your device. The question then becomes, do you want to AND do you have time?

That is entirely up to you / company, but I caution. As "easy as it looks to install" it is not. Just as easy as #PekkaRinne makes saves look easy, it is not. Understanding where and why things go in places under the dash has its reasonings. Self installs with devices put in upside down, won't report accurately as you can guess. Devices put into the wrong ports can cause drivability issues with the vehicle. Wiring into "I think that looks right" can cause damage to control modules and create an electronic nightmare. Some #obd / 9 pin harnesses may not have the "best end user experience" in mind when made and may become unreliable.

Device placement plays as much a part as the wiring. Even right side up devices can interfere with vehicle computers or provide incorrect information from the vehicle to whomever is responsible for the fleet tracking.

Our installers come with harnesses for all present day #GPS #Telematics providers. We provide detailed documentation to the installation and verify operation before we leave the site. We can perform any task at any time which means no limitations to "Its not on my work order".

The first step towards simplification <----IS HERE

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