100% Bluetooth TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitor) System alerts you of low tire pressure and present tire pressure ON YOUR PHONE PER TIRE. Also comes with a small display screen so the driver is aware not only of a low tire but which exact tire is becoming problematic. 

How many people are in the car and for how long? Our seat sensors work with your present GPS system to inform dispatchers of occupancy in real time. Presently available in limited quantities.

An extra set of eyes on the road is never a bad idea. What if it could all be in one location, like say a mirror,  yet keep your factory functions? That is what we are seeking to accomplish with our dash cam,gps, and includes viewable driving directions just like a phone! Release 2019

Tracking your water craft is now easily done with the water proof devices available through most GPS Providers. Know where your water craft is at all times on PC or your mobile device.

Know fuel levels of your GPS tracked vehicles, equipment. Our fuel level sensors are adaptable for all GPS brands regardless of provider. 

Our Solar Panel Chargers provide the necessary amperage and voltage to your GPS device allowing installation anywhere. These can me mounted with your device on the roof of a trailer skipping the invasive installation of normal GPS installations.  When the sun goes down, the battery inside the device takes over until the following morning. 

These Solar Panel Chargers are also available with the GPS installed inside the solar panel. Simply mount and go. These are also great for water craft!

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