Fourteen Four will schedule a convenient appointment with the provider or end user.  We then send out one of our installation technician (s) to perform the installations  required by your company or service. And because Fourteen Four's support staff reviews every installation you know that each completed install you receive will be correct every time. We even provide the documentation to you to prove it. 


Our service app keeps you informed along with the way with email / text updates on your appointment times, visit confirmations, real time installation updates, photo/video captures and report completion notifications. Through our robust platform you have complete visibility into every aspect of our installation service delivery. Plus, through our customer reporting portal, you have access to all the management reports you need in real-time. You can even add jobs your self!


Fourteen Four's unique approach to the low voltage industry allows us to provide you a complete, cost-saving installation solution from estimate to full job completion.

Would you like to chat more about how Fourteen Four's On-Demand Field Service can improve your installation service needs? Call or email us, we’ll walk you through it.

On-Demand Low Voltage Contractor


  • Countless Installation Technicians who can train, install, perform removals, inspect previous work and more for all automotive electrical aftermarket systems including GPS Telematics, Screens, Camara Systems, Vehicle monitor integration systems, outlet additions and extensions lighting. 

  • Nationwide installation availability for all 50 states plus Canada and Mexico

  • Experienced installing and assisting transportation, logistics, fleet, and emergency services vehicle customers.

  • We schedule a convenient appointment with the provider or end user

  • Quality assurance check performed on every inspection with pictures provided

  • Improve the way drivers and office support communicate 

  • Stand behind and promote effective vehicle safety

  • To aid in the overall reduction of your vehicle running costs involving <24 volt product installations.

We work with all GPS and Vehicle / Equipment types including

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